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I want to buy a Volvo in Sweden and bring it to Austria myself. For this I need temporary license plates.

The recommended way seems to get temporary license plates from Transport Styrelsen and go back to Austria with them. But according to the Transport Styrelsen website I only get temporary license plates with "a 30-day insurance certificate issued in the country to which the export is to be made" - so I need an insurance from Austria.

The austrian insurance company I talked to today told me I can only get a temporary insurance with the full documents*, which means I need to buy the car first. Also it will cost me 180 EUR only for the temporary license and then another 180 EUR for the proper registration in Austria.

Does anyone know a better way to get those temporary license plates and an insurance for the 3-day ride home? I don't see why I should pay so much for this short ride, this feels exorbitant!

Also does anyone have experience how long it takes till the temporary plates are issues (The seller would unregister the swedish plates at the same time)?
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