Här kan ni medlemmar presentera era bilar med bilder, information etc. Skriv gärna era projekt ni håller på med också! Max en tråd per bil!

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Sorry to break in on this forum but since I don't speak Swedish I don't know where to post my topics/questions. Thank you for helping me moderator. You can delete this topic. By the way, do you think its possible to simply join the XC70II (08-16) in English, that would be better for me but perhaps not so good for the rest of the group.

Thank you for your time,



(XC70 D5 AWD Polestar/Erakir19")
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av grillchips
Welcome to the forum!
There's no problem to use english here at all. Swedes are typically somewhat fluent in english so just give it a try.
As of now, you're off to a good start being in the correct category for your car. :)
av CrossingCountries
Thank you so much...Huge huge fan of XC70/VOLVO

Here some of my best pics of my facelifted XC70 MY11 to MY14/16 (if it works)

Sorry to start like this, a strange introduction I know. Also I am already SORRY to start a topic that is already asked in Swedish. I will do my best. I think I can learn a lot on this forum.
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1E566DAE-B616-437D-90D9-5F7F2544E8AC.jpeg (353.24 KiB) Visad 2153 gånger
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av CrossingCountries
apersson850 skrev:Nice pictures.
thank you,...all questions are welcome,...I did a lot of facelifting, also under the hood and IPD swaybar etc. Interior full 4300K Led...
av Yaniz
I am interested in the seat cover in the first image. Where is it available for purchase? Gear stick covered with the same fabric and material?
The seat cover is perforated leather... OEM VOLVO. It matches the Rdesign leather shifter. I upgraded to the shifter, not the leather seats. Bild
Yaniz skrev:I am interested in the seat cover in the first image. Where is it available for purchase? Gear stick covered with the same fabric and material?

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